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Looking for straight, gay, and bi males for adult company - must live in Cen. FL

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Apr. 17th, 2007 | 12:25 pm
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Looking for male models for S.P.A. Media, LLC. Here's information about the company and how to apply (must live in the Cen. Fl area for this job).

ABOUT S.P.A. Media, LLC:

We're shooting video, primarily. Still photography accompanies all of our video shoots, but we are not scheduling still-only shoots at this time (and more than likely won't in the future, either).

Our business name is "S.P.A. Media, LLC". We've been in business about 2-months (just getting started).

As a bit of background, the company is owned by 4 individuals - all gay and between the ages of 25-35. We're young and in this for the money - we're not like the sleezeball porno dudes that do this just so they can mess around with the young models. We're hands off and we let the model do what they're comfortable with - nothing more. We're all very laid back and make our main priority the comfort of the model (because if they're not comfortable, the shoot is going to suffer).

We do our best to develop a relationship with the model before the shoot. Open lines of communication let us answer any questions the models have well in advance of the shoot, and lets the model know exactly what to expect when they come in. Models that we've invited to shoot are given our cell number and can reach us day or night with any questions or concerns they have. The same goes for e-mail - we actually do most of our communication with models through e-mail so we can exchange files (contracts, images, etc). We'll also meet face to face for lunch or dinner if a model requests a meeting before the day of the shoot.

For our next shoot, we'll be shooting at a hotel in Orlando. The following shoot will be at a villa in the Orlando area, as well. Our hotel shoots are done tastefully - we get a nice suite at a nice resort-style hotel (not a day's inn, or the like). No trashy model rooms. :)

Our base pay is $250, which is what an average-looking first-time model can expect to make on their first shoot. For above-average guys, this is most certainly negotiable. We don't have set rates - we compensate based on experience and looks, so every guy is considered separately so they can make the most money. Compensation is determined well in advance of the shoot so the model knows exactly what they'll be bringing home when they come to the shoot.

Models determine what they will do on camera. We try to get this information in advance of the shoot, as well, as this does help us determine the compensation (the more they do, the more money they make). We provide lube, toys (dildos, etc) and porn (straight and gay - dvd). The typical shoot consists of a short dressed interview, undress, jerk off, cum, clean up, shower and dress -- we tape it all. If a model is not comfortable with any aspect of the shoot, we can discuss options with them based on their particular situation. Again, we want the model to be comfortable.

Currently we're not offering compensation for air travel, however, we may reconsider for the right guy. If the model lives within 3 hours driving distance, we will reimburse them for gas.

Tattoos and piercings are OK! I'll tell you that every guy we shot on our last shoot had at least 1 tattoo... tats and piercings are hot. :)

We're looking for average guys. The site is called "Six Pack Away" - based on the saying that some straight guys are "only a six pack away from being gay" as in a six pack of beer. Six Pack abs are in no way required! Our ideal guys are in shape (toned, swimmers build) - good looking and straight acting (this is "straight" themed site, after all).

As a side, all of our shoots are at least 2 cameras. We use Panasonic AG-DVX100a 24p cameras for superior quality and a crisp, clean film look. Very high quality. Professional lighting, as well. Stills are taken on a Canon 20d 8.2 MP digital camera.

Our shoots are catered - we provide food and drinks for all of the models and maintain a separate green room for them to relax before and after the shoot.


Models should send us at least 3 photographs (we prefer more -- this is the minimum). We need at least one nude (shirtless, no underwear, etc ... nude), one full-body and a head shot. As long as we can clearly see what the model looks like and what they're working with, that's all we need. The pictures MUST MUST MUST be recent.

Please mail the company directly at
models@sixpackaway.com with the subject: "LouLou Sent Me", attach your photos. A nice, thorough description is very helpful, as well. Such as your name/stage name, location, age, and when you would be able to shoot. You MUST, be 18+ to apply, no expections, this is an adult company, no minors!!!!

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